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cPremote backup plugin

cPremote : cPanel/WHM remote rsync backup plugin

cPremote is a remote rsync backup plugin for the famous hosting control panel cpremotecPanel. It is a WHM plugin. This will take all your cPanel accounts backups into a remote server over ssh via incremental backup method. So you can have all your servers and cPanel accounts backups into a central backup server. This is very fast and 100% compatible with cPanel. This backup won’t use gzip compressions so there will be no server loads during the backup time. If you are using cPremote, your data is safe. No worry even if the server crashes. You can restore the whole cPanel accounts easily.

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  • 7 days backup retention
  • Local and Remote storage options
  • End user interface for backup management
  • Restore files, folders and mysql databases
  • CPU usage limited during backup time to 10% of CPU
  • Full featured Logs
  • Run backup any time without sync
  • Enable / Disable individual cPanel accounts for backups
  • Save Bandwidth (only sync modified files )
  • cPremote use the same cPanel incremental methods
  • Can backup to a remote server over ssh as incremental
  • NO GZIP Compression
  • No server loads
  • Full account backups ( backup everything email, databases , files ,etc)
  • Schedule backup time via cron
  • Manage daily, weekly, monthly and 7 days backups
  • Autoinstaller for installing cPremote
  • Cost effective
  • Auto license setup
  • Easy Configuration window in whm
  • 24×7 Tech support
  • Phone support
  • Auto uninstall script
  • No External Service need
  • Independent for kernal
  • 100% cPanel compatible

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