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free website VS. FB – WHICH FIRST?

so you’ve decided it’s time to set up a web presence to your enterprise. Your friend indicates getting your personal internet site; your teenage nephew says, the Facebook page is loose and now not to mention the thousands and thousands of users you may reach!


NOW WHICH ONE DO YOU select, YOUR personal internet site OR A facebook web page?

growing a Facebook web page is straightforward. Sign up. Write. post. Tada! Your page is now reachable to hundreds of thousands of ability customers.


FB Pages or any social networking websites give you an additional attain you do not get together with your website. It assists you to promote your business to a large audience without costing you a dime. It allows you to develop your agency photo and get innovative with your audiences and clients.


but, to increase a long-term business method and loyal clients, you need your personal website, and right here’s why:


troubles with social networking websites:


No possession, no manage. Social networking websites can trade its regulations, lost records, or one day goes out of the commercial enterprise, all at their personal discretion.

now not every person is on social media networking websites. as an example, most people of facebook customers inside u.s. are female between the ages of 18-25.

A social media networking website URL does not supply the professionalism a website URL does. might you purchase from an online commercial enterprise that simplest has an FB page and now not their own website?

Your website needs to continually be the muse of your business enterprise’s online presence. It plays an important component in how your business is seen online.


If the main reason why you’ll recollect an FB web page and not your own internet site is due to the fact putting in place an FB page is free, then maybe you should realize that putting in place your own website together with your own domain call isn’t always as expensive as you’ll assume. Many unfastened web website hosting groups offer loose web hosting offerings if you purchase a site name from them. Take gain of the aggressive internet website hosting market, search for a free net web hosting organization that still gives free email services, a free website creator and programs that will help you build your internet site, and the maximum of all, no pressured ads.


Your personal “”, complete with a respectable-searching website and email addresses – now that’s the type of online presence that your business wishes, first.

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