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How to Install VestaCP on CentOS


Vesta is an easy to use open source web hosting control panel that currently supports Ubuntu Linux (12.04 LTS, 13.04 and 13.10), Debian 7, CentOS (5 and 6), and RHEL (5 and 6). It packs a bunch of features by default to allow you to host and manage your websites with ease on your VPS.

Step 1 – First, login to your server’s shell via SSH as root, as always, for this task I use putty-


Step 2 – Next, download VestaCP installation script using curl command:

curl -O



Step 3 – Next, issue this magic command to start installing VestaCP:

or, bash –-force


Step 4 – The installer asks to confirm disabling SELinux and start the install process. Type Y and hit Enter.

Step 5 – The installer also asks to enter valid email address. So type your valid email address and double-check it to make sure your email is correct because VestaCP will also send your admin password there.


Step 6 – Once you hit Enter on your keyboard, the installer starts. Sit tight and wait for the installer to process and finish its job.


You can also check your mailbox just to ensure the password is delivered and mail server (Exim) works properly on your server.

Installation finish.


Thank you.


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