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Things to ask when looking for a good web host

What’s the down time like?


Downtime is what it sounds like a period of time when your website is not online or up. Downtime can be scheduled or unscheduled and can be for a number of reasons. When your site is down visitors to your website will not be able to see it, every minute your website is down could mean the potential loss of a customer. Choosing a reliable host with very little down time is essential.


Is email included?


Having an email address associated with your domain name looks more professional be and is more marketable than having a Hotmail or other email address. Good web site hosting packages include email.


What’s the support like?


It’s good to know what is covered by support ad when it is available. A good hosting company will offer support at least during normal working hours if not 24 hours a day. It’s also worth looking at how this support is provided, is it just through email or tickets or can you actually give someone a call.


Are backups taken and if so how far back do they go?


If you have an issue with your website and need to roll it back, you will need to have been taking backups. Does the hosting company offer this service and if so how often do they take them? It’s also worth investigating if there is an additional charge for this service or if it is included. Most good web hosting companies include this in their hosting plans.


Ability to scale


If your website grows and you need more space or are experiencing more traffic you need to know if you web host can accommodate you. Your web host should be able to upgrade and scale to suit your needs.


How easy is it to switch supplier in the future?


You may find a better deal further down the line or move to a specialist web host, is it going to be easy to move, does the new provider offer a moving service, does the old provider have any get out charges?




Find a web host that has a good reputation. Have a look at reviews on independent sites, can the web host provide you with testimonials, who are their clients and how long have they been in business?

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Updated: 18/11/2017 — 12:17 AM

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