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UNIX Web Hosting!!

Unix web hosting – Each web server used as a host runs an operating system, which could be Windows, Linux, or UNIX. Variously styled as Unix, UNIX, and unix – is commonly used both for workstations and servers. To find out more about UNIX web hosting, read on.


Origins of UNIX Web Hosting

UNIX was invented at Bell Laboratories  (also known as AT&T Bell Laboratories or simply Bell Labs) by several AT&T employees in 1969. It’ official launch was January 1, 1970, which means that on February 13, 2009, UNIX clocks reached 1234567890 seconds from launch.

Its development has branched out since that time. Versions of UNIX multiplied in the 1980s, but in the early twenty-first century, that trend decreased, and a number of versions were consolidated. Today there are not only more developed versions of UNIX, but also operating systems that are “UNIX-like,” for example, Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) created at University of California, Berkeley – largely superceded now by more popular versions – and Linux, a popular server OS. The most prominent of UNIX systems in contemporary use are AIX from IBM, HP-UX – a Hewlett-Packard entity, and Solaris, put out by Sun Microsystems.

How UNIX Works

UNIX is composed of a kernel, which is the master control program, and a number of software tools that can be used individually or joined together, preventing a single, large enactment called “the program” with everything in it predetermined, as most software applications are packaged today. Programmers appreciate the flexibility that this type of design philosophy imparts to the software.

Choosing UNIX Web Hosting

With the growth of Linux and BSD server software, as well as the staunch hold of Windows, you are likely to find fewer – although still substantial numbers – of UNIX web hosting opportunities. Do be careful of sites that offer “UNIX/Linux” hosting as a category, because you may in fact find nothing but Linux web hosting opportunities in the category.

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