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Your Domain Is Your Temple

Your Domain Is Your Temple



As you probably already know, Google factors in over 200 items into each ranking. Domain name being one of them, it is of crucial importance that you do all you can to choose a great name and a great hosting solution for your domain.


Thanks to Google’s newest updates, other factors came into play here. When picking out a domain name for your website, nowadays it’s important to focus on how long it is, how memorable, is it easy to spell and, of course, is it really relevant to what your website is all about? You don’t want your domain name to have a negative effect on your SEO.




Owning your own domain and making sure a good web hosting firm is doing it’s best to keep it alive for you is just as important as offering great services as a business.


We at AltusHost have many clients who host their domains with us. Why? – Well, because they know that their domain name is extremely important to their business. They have built their brand around it. It’s their home. It’s the address of their online office.


Picture this scenario: You’ve been running a success online business for years. You have a lot of great and satisfied customers and every day new people come to your website, looking to buy something from you. Everything is going great, you couldn’t be happier. But then, one day, your domain expires and you, distracted by all the work, forget to renew it. Before you even turn around to see what’s going on with your website, your direct competitor grabs your domain. You try to buy it back, but he just isn’t interested in selling it to you. What now?


You have to settle for a new domain name, which means all your hard work on marketing your business and your brand with your previous address has gone down the toilet. Pretty awful, right?

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Updated: 08/11/2017 — 12:30 AM

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